Our drones are American-made in Galveston, Texas.

This is the Faucon Lifter Series V1.0, intended for use in videography, SAR, or any commercial application requiring smooth flight characteristics. The Lifter V1.0 is an Octocopter. It is not intended for use in sport flying, although this can be configured by an advanced user who is familiar with firmware settings and prop requirements.

The Lifter Series was designed for stability and ruggedness. This is a commercial and advanced hobbyist product. We spent over a year developing an airframe that is highly shock resistant.

However, we are not experienced RC pilots and we are now looking for some help along these lines. If you are an RC pilot with experience in heavy lift drones, we could use your assistance. Please contact us via PM if interested in having one of these units in your inventory. We will ship you a Faucon Lifter Series in exchange for your input and recommendations.

MOTORS: Avroto LIFT 3515 400Kv
Props: Carbon fiber 15" x 6.5
ESCs: ZTW Spider Series 50A Opto - SimonK firmware
Landing Gear: Retractable carbon fiber with shock absorption

Power: 2x 5000mA 14.8V wired in parallel to deliver 10A power (we recommend at least a 10A power source for these units to ensure rapid response and extended flight times). A charger and one (1) battery pack are included.

Guidance: Standard configuration is a Crius Pro that comes fully tuned, with back up configuration downloadable, coupled with an Adafruit GPS module -- Adafruit's GPS modules are highly sensitive and accurate, having been used at altitudes of up to 50,000 feet. This package is compatible with mission planning software and is wonderfully reliable if it is properly tuned, which we do.

Below is a link to some images and information.
Online Auction For Faucon Drones Lifter Series V1.0 Octocopter - Buy @ Webstore Online Auction #56729369