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    Rx Antenna Issue on Black Pearl FPV Kit

    Im a recent convert to the Multirotor fraternity now experiencing the joys and thrills (and spills) of owning a DJI Phantom 2, together with a GoPro and Black Pearl FPV kit.

    I spent some time flying LoS only, in order to become familiar with basic issues like maneuvering smoothly and maintaining good control regardless of the orientation of the UAV. Not easy to start with!

    Having then attached the FPV kit comprising a DJI AVL58 Tx and a Black Pearl RC801 Diversity Rx I have been less than impressed with the range. I get broken transmission after only 50 100 metres and lose signal pretty much completely at 200 metres.

    I thought Ill solve it by getting new antennae, and in researching options I think Ive discovered the root cause. So Im posting here to get validation before getting grumpy with the suppliers.
    If I understand correctly, various Black Pearl Models come with either SMA or RPSMA female connectors. Mine appears to have a female SMA connector on the monitor.

    Now I would assume that this would then require a male SMA connector on the antenna, but mine appears to have a male RPSMA connector!


    Im no electrical guru, but it would seem to me that this means Im running with no antennae at all which Ive read tends to have a really bad impact on the transmitter. Im hoping that because the problem here is with the receiver that it wont have had any long term impact.

    While the rig was configured by US Hobby in Las Vegas, the Black Pearl Kit came in a sealed box, so I dont believe I can blame them for the error. I assume that I need to take it up with the manufacturer.

    Anyway before I burst into howls of complaint with the suppliers I thought Id check with you experts Am I correct or have I missed something?



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    I am no radio expert but my daddy always told
    me that you had to have an innie with an outie to get anything to work down there...

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