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    Full Naze32 Tricopter

    Sorry folks- I have been gone from all but a couple of forums (RCG and fpvlab) all summer long as I have been busy, busy, busy... and up to my neck in building and flying multirotors.

    Beware of a rash of posts in a few forums and then I am out- if you have questions on anything you see- comment on the youtube video linked in my posts.

    Here is one of the more recent additions to my fleet, and it is a blast! (this is the 2nd build of this frame I have done with the FocalRC HJ Y3- the first ran SS 980kv motors and was on the fiberglass frame- this one is carbon fiber and spinning 1180kv Cobras (rear motor had the shaft cut for the custom mount)


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    That looks awesome!

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