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    Here is my Bird!

    A few shots of my phantom 2 Vision!

    Hope you like it.

    I better add this:
    " the DJI bag, is hand made, to hold GPS tracker "
    Tracker is 59.8 grams or 2.11 oz.
    Bag is 26.4 grams or 0.93 oz.
    Together. 86.2 grams or 3.04 oz.

    Jerry D.
    ( J Dot )

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    I like your attention to detail. Very nice!

    I'm curious on why the GPS Tracker?

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    I suspect it is to find the thing when it goes awol and the battery runs out before it is found.
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    As at 17 April 2014:
    Phantom 2 Vision
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    PT2: v 3.0

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    Can you tell us where you got the GPS holder? That is awesome!!!!

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