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    Here are this week's newest tracks:

    "Cool Puzzler" (looping)

    "Space Monsters with Extra Cheese" (looping)

    "Guitar Mayhem 8" (looping)
    "Guitar Mayhem 9" (looping)

    Have a good week!

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    Wow it's been a busy couple of weeks (and summer come to think of it) but I did manage to get a few new tracks done for everyone...they are on my Fantasy 7 page and my Sci-Fi 5 page:

    "Winter Fantasy" (looping)
    "Dreamy Contemplation" (looping)

    "Alien Skies" (looping)

    I hope everyone's having a good week!

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    Hi everyone,

    This week's new free tracks are on my Sci-Fi 5 page, my Puzzle Music page and my Funny 3 page:

    "Cyber City Nights"

    "Bubble Gum Puzzler" (looping)
    "Bubble Gum Puzzler 2" (looping)

    "Down the Drain" (looping)
    "Planning Heists in '83" (looping)


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    Well, another super busy week...(and I thought I was going to have a nice relaxing summer)...yeah, right!

    Anyhow, here are some new tracks that are intended for faster-paced puzzle games, but would work for other things I'm sure. They are on my new Puzzle Music 2 page:

    "Puzzle Action" (Looping)

    "Puzzle Action 2" (Looping)

    "Puzzle Action 3" (Looping)

    I hope they are useful!

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    New music is ready for everyone...

    On the Events/Travel 2 page we have:
    "Over a Mysterious Island" (meant for drone videos) :-)

    On the Sci-Fi 6 page we have:
    "Ominous Sci-Fi Menu" (Looping)

    On the Action 2 page:
    "Fantasy Racing Game Menu" (Looping)

    On the Fantasy 7 Page:
    "Forest Drama"

    On the Funny 4 Page:
    "Candy Rush" (Looping)

    And on the Puzzle Music 2 page:
    "Happy Puzzler" (Looping)

    Have a good week. :-)

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    Hi everyone,

    Here are this week's new free tracks:

    On the Positive/Upbeat page we have:
    "Boardwalk Arcade" (Looping)

    On the Sci-Fi 6 page we have:
    "Dark Future Theme" (Looping)
    "Dark Future Factory" (Looping)

    On the Funny 4 Page:
    "Whimsical Game World" (Looping)
    "Insert Pepto" (Looping)

    And on the Puzzle Music 2 page:
    "Robot's Cube" (Looping)
    "Thought Puzzler" (Looping)

    Have a great week! :-)


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